Franklin High School Mariachi Program

Mariachi is offered for the purpose of allowing students to perform in an ensemble which has a selected membership and specializes in performing beginning and advanced level Mariachi. In addition to performing and competing, Mariachi Estrella Del Oeste will learn the history, tradition and repertoire of mariachi ensemble literature.  


1. To demonstrate an understanding of the form and structure of Mariachi music.

2. To demonstrate, through performance, proper habits in the areas of Mariachi music playing techniques.

3. To correctly perform nuances inherent to Mariachi music.

4. To further develop skills to compose and arrange music.

5. To develop individual playing skills through participation in a Mariachi ensemble.

6. To evaluate performances through learning a self-evaluation process.

7. To prepare students for post-secondary Mariachi performance experiences.

8. To develop attitudes enabling continued participation in musical experience throughout life.

9. To explore career opportunities in the field of music.

Mariachi History

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