The Music Production class is part of the Magnet Program offered at Franklin High School in El Paso, TX.

There are five Magnet Programs: 

New Tech is an instructional approach to Project Based Learning. This hands-on, 4 - year program provides structure and support to ensure long-term success. New Tech introduces group work and problem solving. Facilitators provide workshops and resources as needed, such as critical friends, project work time, and routine benchmarks to keep students on task.

Every child learns in their own special way; not everyone can retain information from lecturing alone. Whether it be visual, verbal, or hands-on, Project Based Learning (PBL) provides a unique and efficient learning style that can be adjusted to a student’s personal needs. Students are separated into groups that ensure each student can play to their individual strengths.

PBL is different from lecture based learning because projects are assigned in groups. Students are assigned a problem which they must complete with their group. Final products may vary depending on what the group decides. Projects are then presented in front of the class to be graded. Many New Tech students find PBL more engaging and get more out of it than traditional learning.

Project based learning is learning through a new dynamic classroom approach that introduces a deeper knowledge into group communication and real-world problems. PBL is used to help students acquire real world knowledge and experiences. Once a task is assigned, students will work through several types of activities, and workshops are provided to help the student(s) as needed. The students will also get a chance to introduce their ideas to their teammates and receive constructive feedback from their teammates


• For students that have an interest in fine arts and technology 

• Four year sequence 

• Music and media production (9th grade); music and media production II and/or music composition I (10th grade); Music production I (11th grade); Music production II and Music Business I (12th grade) 

• Obtaining training from professional recording artists 

• Learn the functioning of a music studio and video production